formality for‧mal‧i‧ty [fɔːˈmælti ǁ fɔːr-] noun formalities PLURALFORM [countable usually plural] LAW
1. something formal or official that you have to do so that a process can be completed properly:

• immigration and customs formalities

• Certain formalities have to be completed before the legal transfer can take effect.

2. a formality something that has to be done for official reasons but will not have any real effect on something that has already been planned or agreed:

• It will only be a formality to renew the agreement on a long-term basis.

• Although the sale still requires the approval of the Chinese government, such approval is a mere formality.

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formality UK US /fɔːˈmæləti/ noun (plural formalities)
[C] something official that must be done before something else can happen or be done: »

It is essential to observe all the formalities when setting up a business.

complete/go through the formalities (of sth) »

This should be a means of injecting share capital into a company without going through the formalities of a share issue.


Approval of the documents is a legal formality.

[C, usually singular] something that must be done but that is unlikely to affect an agreement that has already been made: little more than/only/merely a formality »

There are still some details to be sorted out, but I believe it's only a formality.


Background checks often are a mere formality in the hiring process.

[U] formal writing, behaviour, etc. that is suitable in important or official situations: »

The bank says its business overdrafts are arranged with a minimum of formality and fuss.

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